Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Academic Ruler

Since I got a request to do a ruler I figured I would.  Here we have the It's Academic non-skid stainless steel ruler, with a little bit of paint on it because I'm messy.  Let's start with the basics, it's an average twelve inch ruler, with centimeters on the other side.  Within the first inch it divides it into thirty-seconds, which is nice if you are doing more precise work, and then just sixteenths in the remaining 11 inches.  A nice design aspect of  it is that the marks to measure are set in a little bit, so even after extensive use the ruler can still be accurate. The ruler itself is nice and sturdy, I would not worry about breaking it or anything.  The non-skid element is very nice as well, often times in the past I have been drawing a line or cutting when all of a sudden the ruler slips and I have to start over.  For its price, less than a few bucks if i remember correctly, it is definitely worth it.

Fine Sharpie Pen

The Sharpie Pen is, overall, a good writing utensil.  It has nice flow when writing, nice dark ink, and a nice sleek look.  The pen uses a cap and has a handy little hook on it, like so many other pens out there. 
My one gripe about the pen is that when writing or drawing, the felt tip sometimes folds over and can an unsightly double line.  However, this usually only happens when I am pushing hard, if you are a light writer, you shouldn't have a problem.